Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is this?

A: I'm glad you asked, buddy! This is a Single-Serving Site, meant to mimick what is believed to have been the first of its kind,

Q: What happened to lead you to need to create a remake of

A: If you had bothered to read the second hyperlink in the last question, then you would already know that's domain is now owned by a company called Purple Mattresses.

Q: Who created this?

A: The webmaster of this site goes online by the nickname tif. The hyperlink of their name leads to their e-mail. They also have a website on NeoCities.

Q: Why isn't this a point-for-point recreation of

A: It's 'cause I'm lazy.

Q: Where can I find the original

A: Search up on

Q: Are you ever gonna do anything else with this website?

A: I'm planning on making the homepage redirect to a copy-paste of the site after a few seconds, but I'm not sure of what else to add, except maybe a link section to other sites decicated to specific colors. If that ever happens, you can find a link to it in this answer. *wink wink*

Q: Do you have any banners?

A: Here.

Q: What is even the point of making a website that's just purple?

A: Cause I was bored one day and felt like making a website that was just purple.